Quality Control Center

At Shailesh DG Set Spares, we are highly committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our company ensures quality through its quality control center that oversees every project from initial design through manufacturing and delivery. It maintains a clean environment and strives for a strict quality control system that is independent from the manufacturing department.

Our Quality Control Department is well managed by a team of experienced professionals and features all necessary inspection and testing equipment. We perform all available modern inspections and tests for engine parts both in-process and finished by qualified inspectors in accordance with documented and qualified procedures.

Inspection & Testing Facilities

  • Metallurgical laboratory for inspection and testing of raw materials, forgings & components, features metallurgical microscope with arrangements for photomicrography, micro-hardness testing and image analyzing.
  • Well equipped chemical laboratory with spectrometer for analyzing all chemical elements.
  • Physical Testing Laboratory with Universal Tensile Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine and Machines to measure Brinnell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness.
  • Fully equipped standards room with various measuring devices for dimensional checking of machined and unmachined components as well as tools. Measuring Devices such as Vernier, Micrometer, Slip gauge, Comparator stand etc.
  • Profile Projector
  • Crack Detector

Our full-fledged product testing and inspection facilities ensure higher and consistent level of quality.